NationofWimps.com explores the growing evidence that childrearing in America has taken a bewildering turn.

Armed with hyperconcern and microscrutiny, parents are going to ludicrous lengths to take the lumps and bumps out of life for their children today. However well-intentioned, their efforts have the net effect of making kids more fragile. That may be why the young are breaking down in record numbers or staying stuck in endless adolescence.

What's more, parents are seeking status and meaning for themselves in the achievements of their children. The trouble with turning tots into trophies is that the developmental needs of the young are sacrificed to the psychological needs of adults. But the biggest problem with pushing perfection may be that it masks the real secret of success in life. As any innovator will tell you, success hinges less on getting everything right than on how you handle getting things wrong. The ultimate irony is, in a flat world you don't make kids successful by pushing them to be perfect but by allowing them to become passionate about something that compels their interest.

Hopefully you will find here some thought-provoking ideas, gain a better perspective about what is happening to the youngest generation of Americans, and understand why today's parents are so anxious--and why they seem to have forgotten that the ultimate goal of childrearing is to produce an independent adult.

Perhaps you have some observations of your own that you would like to share. I would love to hear them.

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